Software Engineering

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Software Engineering

The role of a software engineer is to design, develop and conduct maintenance of software applications. This occupation depends heavily on the principles of computer science. In order to build software applications, a software engineer is required to have an extensive knowledge of several programming languages, such as Java, C+ and Python. If you enjoy computing, and consider yourself quite strategically-minded, this may be a great career option for you !

Software Engineers provide a systematic approach to the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of software. It often involves the use of CASE tools. There are various models of the software life-cycle, and many methodologies for the different phases.

Typical Study Modules

A degree in computer software engineering will provide you with all the essential tools. In general, any given engineering course will include modules in mathematics, science and engineering. In computer software engineering you can also expect a syllabus including topics such as:

Career Types

Computers are deeply integrated into business practise today. Many businesses have a dependence on computer systems for their day to day operations. This is great for graduates of Software Engineering. Graduates will have the opportunity to enter a vast number of industries, and are generally highly sought after straight out of college. Currently, some of the best opportunities for software engineers are found in the following industries:

Salary Levels

In 2021, the median pay for a software engineer was $109,020. The predicted market growth for this profession is estimated to be 25% over the next 10 years, this is much faster than that of the average predicted job growth. This indicates the huge growing demand for this profession. This median pay is higher than that of computer programmers, whose median pay was $93,000 for 2021. However, a similar occupation with a higher median pay was 'Computer and Information Systems Manager', of which the median pay for 2021 was $159,010 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics.

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