Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction of projects in our societies. Generally, civil engineers are involved in large construction projects, such as roads, tunnels and bridges. Maths, physics and design are core elements of civil engineering. These skills allow civil engineers to ensure that projects are constructed optimally and efficiently, and limit negative social implications, such as increased traffic or harmful by-products.

Many Civil Engineers hold management positions while others work in research or consultancy. Typical employers of Civil Engineers are, the Army Engineers Corps, County Councils, Construction Companies, Consultancy. Structural Engineers tend to specialise in the design of complex engineering structures of all types etc.

Typical Study Modules

A degree in civil engineering will include modules in both mathematics and physics, and likely some in chemistry.

There tend to be plenty of projects, both individual and groupwork, included in civil engineering courses and there are strong opportunities for specialisation in this field. For example, if you are most interested in the architectural aspect of civil engineering, you can specialize in architectural engineering. This role focuses on the design of projects, in which an architectural engineer ensures the architectural integrity of the design.

Other aspects of the civil engineering curriculum may include:

Career Types

In general, civil engineering jobs are in high demand. The locations in which this role is in the highest demand is in fast-developing cities. These cities can attract many investors looking to build large scale projects, which require civil engineers to oversee. Recessions and economic down turn can periodically decease demand for this role. However, in the long-term this is considered a reliable and stable profession. Normally there is plenty of opportunities for civil engineers in both the public and private sector.

Salary Levels

The median pay in 2021 for a civil engineer in the United States was $88,050. This is lower than that of the mechanical engineering field, which had a mean pay of $95,300 in the same year. However, civil engineers who chose to specialise subsequently had a higher median pay. For example, 'Environmental Engineers' median pay was $96,820.

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