Dr. Al Kelly ( Deceased )

Chartered Engineer

Chairman of HDS Energy Ltd

By: Fintan Lynch

His last Book - Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories : Also See: Books

Kelly has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical and Mechanical engineering and a Ph.D., in Civil engineering. He was Chief Project Engineer with the Irish Electricity Supply Board from 1968-80 at a time when a massive Power Station construction programme was required. From 1980 to 1990 he was Director of Generation and Transmission with the ESB. He was Chairman of ESB International from its institution and opened up the Saudi Arabian market. He was a founder and Chairman of Top Tech Ireland Limited and is at present Chairman of HDS Energy Ltd., an International Energy Systems manufacturer.

Kelly is author of * How to Make Your Life Easier at Work * ( McGraw Hill ). This book has been an International bestseller which appeared in 7 languages and has sold 150,000 copies. He has written 20 technical articles describing various innovations in the field of Power Station and Transmission Line design. Most notable was the discovery that a siphon lifted water to a height greater that the equivalent of atmospheric pressure. This was awarded a prize by The British Institution of Mechanical Engineers and was entered in the scientific dictionary after 30 years.

Over the past decade, Kelly has taken a great interest in Physics. A Paper published by The Institution of Engineers of Ireland ( IEI ) in 1995 challenged Einsteins Special Theory of Relativity. He followed this with a paper proposing an alternative theory in 1996, and a further one challenging the methods used to synchronise standard clock stations around the earth. This was followed by a challenge to Faraday's Law in 1998 in another IEI Paper. These later ideas have been published in the International physics journals. His challenge to Special Relativity has the backing of Prof. J-P Vigier of the University of Paris who published a Paper quoting Kelly's theory verbatim. His challenge to Faraday's Law has the backing of many, including the Institute for Advanced Studies in the USA.