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What is this Website all about ?

This website, ' ', is directed towards teenagers, parents, journalists, and indeed, the general public. It gives a general idea of the challenging, exciting, and rewarding career one can expect as a Professional Engineer. There is a links page which allows you to visit some professional websites, and these should make you more informed on the subject in question. Career-guidance teachers will also give you professional advice, if requested. Some of the topics in the 'Articles for Teenagers ' section of this website are of a sensitive nature and are only a brief introduction to the topics concerned. Much more information can be found by doing an ' Internet Search ' or by consulting a Professional.

What do Engineers do?

An Engineer is someone with a technical engineering or software degree from an approved university, or equivalent.

An Engineer's work can be very interesting, varied, and financially rewarding. His basic training is in technical design. His work can vary from using his mathematical and scientific expertise to explore the planet, to the design of mobile phones, digital television transmitters, hospital life-saving equipment, computers, automobiles, aeroplanes, rockets, robots, spacecraft, radar equipment, bank cash-machines, music and video systems, guns , ammunition, household appliances, and even gadgets.

....the list is endless !

Very many engineers end up in higher management at a very early age. Also, some branch into the area of research, finance, consultancy, and other fields.

What's a Chartered Engineer ?

In Ireland, UK., and Australia the title * Chartered Engineer * is assigned to those who have an accredited degree in engineering or equivalent. They must also have a number of years post-graduate professional experience and pass an examination set by the appropriate Professional Body. This title is protected by law which means that you cannot legally call yourself a * Chartered Engineer * unless you meet the above requirements. The initials used are * C.Eng *.

In the U.S., Canada, and 30 other countries the title * Professional Engineer * is also protected by law. In the U.S., the initials are * P.E *., and in Canada, * P.Eng *.

*Chartered Engineer * is equivalent to *Professional Engineer *.

In Germany, the engineer prefixes the initials * Dip-Ing * or * Dr-Ing * before his name. In Europe, Chartered Engineers can use the European prefix-title * Eur-Ing *. So it is Eur-Ing John Smith.

Unfortunately, in a few countries still, some repairmen wrongly call themselves engineers. Most of these are not even technicians let alone Engineers.

What areas do Engineers work in ?

The main areas of employment for Engineers are ;










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