Astronaut Neil Armstrong - Engineer , Astronaut , First Man to Walk on the Moon.

Dr. Buzz Aldrin - Engineer, Astronaut , Second Man to Walk on the Moon .

Astronaut John Young - Engineer , Astronaut, Ninth Man to Walk on the Moon.

Gene Cernan - Engineer, Astronaut, Twelfth and Last Man to Walk on the Moon .

Astronaut Julie Payette - Engineer, and Former Canadian Chief Astronaut.

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa - Engineer , Astronaut and Inventor .

Senator John Glenn - Engineer, Astronaut and US Senator.

Steve Wozniak - Engineer, Co-founder of Apple Computers Inc.

Viral Lakhia - Engineer , Script-writer , and Film-maker .

Sunil Hali - Engineer , Publisher and Media Producer - Career Change.

President Jimmy Carter - Engineer, Former President of U.S, Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

President Vladimir Putin - Engineer and President of the Russian Federation.

Steve Wozniak - Engineer and Founder of Apple Computers.

Susan Spencer - Systems Engineer, Marsall Space Flight Center.

Jeffrey P. Bezos - Engineer, Multi Billionaire, Founder and CEO of

Dr. Larry Page - Engineer, Founder and CEO, Google Inc.