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Passion for Discovery

We’ve achieved such amazing things. How impressive that we can move an object weighing the equivalent of a herd of over 50 African elephants through the sky - just by knowing the simple principles of air. How extraordinary that a child needing a prosthetic limb can be fitted with a bionic bone that actually grows with the rest of their body. And, how inspiring that Lotus Flowers have stimulated research into keeping building facades clean!

I love discovering how and why things work – to me, this discovery is like unravelling the creativity of nature. It’s an adventure and it’s exciting. I want to share my inquisitiveness about the world with others. I want to demystify its wonders through an entertaining and dynamic journey. I want to get stuck into the exploration of science, by testing things out and having a go.

Linking Science and Engineering with the Media

Descending from a long line of engineers, I naturally read Mechanical Engineering, a 3-year BEng(Hons) at Brunel University in 1996, during which I genuinely became fascinated with fluid dynamics.

Fluid dynamics - how wonderful that engineers could actually use a bunch of mathematical equations [pioneered by Bernoulli] to visualise the invisible. They could actually see on a computer screen how fluids (gases and liquids) behaved in a whole host of situations. From air streaming over Formula 1 cars and airplane wings to water gushing past the hull of ships!


Shini Somarathne

Engineer and TV Presenter