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This World Wide Web Site came into being on 3rd June 1998. "Mispers" is the UK police abbreviation for a Missing Person

Through my work as a Coroner's Officer in the United Kingdom, from which I retired in July 1999, I became very aware that there are many thousands of missing persons throughout the world. After dealing with just a few regional cases, it was clear to me that there are many times more parents, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives and children, who suffer for the loss of their own beloved family members.

For these people, missing persons are more than a police case number. Absence translates for them as a living nightmare during weeks, months, and sometimes years of unresolved grieving.

In conducting my own research, I learned that there is no greater asset in the search for missing persons than the consistent distribution of information through every available means. However, I soon found that many of the web sites, which provide some kind of assistance to those people searching for missing relatives, charged a fee (sometimes very high) for their services.

Not everyone can afford to pay for the search for missing loved ones. It is an extremely emotional time in their lives, a time when they themselves are very vulnerable. Some spend all their life savings searching. Many have to give up at some point, mostly because of the high costs involved. So, I thought it would provide a real service to families and other organizations to help spread the word by posting information on the internet through Missing Persons Throughout the World, regarding some of those people and not charging a fee for doing so.

To date, 34 people have been located as a direct result of the posting of information that had been displayed on this site. For that we must be thankful. The numbers of visitors to this web site - - now in excess of 650,000 - - reflect the magnitude of both interest and need. Please say a prayer for those who are still missing and for their families who know the harsh realities of the words "missing person."

The information after verification, displayed on this web site is supplied by family members, friends, police agencies or other national/international search organizations. I make every effort to collaborate with all individuals and groups involved in the authentic search for missing persons.

On 7th May 1999 I started the "Lost Connections" facility, after so many requests for news of other "lost" relatives, those that had moved or emigrated, or school chums trying to catch up with each other. This has proven to be very successful, both in terms of those visiting the site, but more importantly in re-uniting members of the same family. Many "re-connections" have been made, so please do stop by "Lost Connections" and see if you can help someone to re-connect with their friends or family. Maybe someone is looking for you, or you might know someone who is being sought?

After a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer (at 48 years of age) seven years ago, with successful surgery and on-going treatment, I found myself wanting to give more time to family, to the matters that I care about, and living life given as the gift that it is. Among other things, I do all the alterations and updating to Missing Persons Throughout the World in my spare time. As it is for most us, time can get scarce and is always precious.

Whilst I can still afford it, I will continue to operate this service. If you value the service provided, any effort you can make to distribute this information is appreciated, not just by myself, but also the families of the missing person. Your own powers of observation may be our greatest asset. Some of the most memorable and successful locations of missing persons have come through individuals who recognized the face of a new neighbour or a youngster that they baby-sat!

Ken Richards

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July 7, 2003
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