Building effective concentration skills for your college classes

Many students often blame outside distractions for their learning problems when in fact all you may need it to sharpen your skills in studying and concentration while learning. The ongoing education process of learning in college will require a high level of concentration on studies. Find a place to study and keep it for study use only. Make this place a ‘habit’ for your study time mode. Keep this environment filled with anything you may need to complete your task, and while keeping you in your study space. Controlling noises around you will aid in your relaxation while studying.

You may find it best to study in the daytime; this is a time when you will have less competition for your time. In the evenings your friends, campus activities, and family life will struggle for your time. You can study between classes, on your lunch break, or in the morning before you classes start. If you should feel tired when you are studying – take a brisk walk, get cold drink, take a quick shower – these are quick refreshers that will wake your inner self to continue your studying.

Tips in the concentration game

Make the most out of your sleeping time – do not try to cut back as you will feel inadequate with less sleep. Break up you time needed for studying, make a phone call, write a letter home, do you laundry – while this may seem to be the opposite of concentration this is working additional functions of your body besides your brain.

If you try to study to long at one time your body will become restless, draining your concentration levels. Set your goals – how much do you want to cover per day in your studies, how much of your paper are you going to write today? Having a set goal will increase your motivation to complete the task, and will increase your concentration levels automatically.

Keep a note pad with you at all times. If another task or ‘to do’ pops into your head you will feel relieved as you have written it down, and you will not forget to take care of this when you are done with your current study task. Keep you radio turned down. Try to go out of the dorms to study. Your roommate talking on the phone will be a distraction, just as the others walking up and down the halls may be.

Try not to look at the clock often. If you are constantly referring to the clock, your actual time spent studying will appear to move slowly – causing your concentration to lack and wonder when will you ever be done.


Some Tips on Studying

By Fintan Lynch