Is the Engineering Profession a Mickey-mouse one and a Sham ?

Engineers - Silence will NOT Protect You
The time has come
Step forward and be heard
" The world is run by those who show up " ( Richard Weingardt, S.E )
So when are engineers going to show up ?

" A man cannot be too careful when choosing his enemies ! "

By : Fintan Lynch, B.E, Eng-i

For over forty years I have supported the so-called Professional Engineering Societies. Looking back I now see that I have gained absolutely nothing by being a member over the years, with the Societies moving forward only at snails pace. I thought that in some small way I might be able to change the appalling image of Engineers, but I'm afraid that the Engineering Societies carry a " No Entry " sign. My humble suggestions over the years have fallen on deaf ears. I now realize that Engineering Societies by-in-large do not represent Engineers, but that of Corporate Engineering. The executives of Engineering Companies permeate most Engineering Societies. As well, Directors of these Societies, in general, use their position as a stepping stone to Corporate Directorship. Then, of course, you have Academia who, in general, have no clue as to what is transpiring in the business world. They are happy as long as their jobs are not being threatened.

Apathy among Engineers prevents some Engineers from joining the Professional Societies. If you, as an Engineer, are involved in a dispute in the workplace you have to fall back on your Union which in most cases also represents craft workers and unskilled workers. Of course Ethics can be breached for this. The same holds for Corporate Engineers who support the degrading of Engineers in industry on a daily basis. Where is Ethics in this situation ? Again, the image of Engineers seems of no importance.

If you look at the US National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). Their website is, Their membership, I understand, is in the region of 60,000 even though an estimate suggests that there are 2 million Engineers in the US. Why do Engineers not join such Societies ? It is because the Societies have little to offer ? They cannot even protect the image of Engineers. The very many worldwide Societies are running around like headless chickens. All we get are platitudes. I, for one, sent my humble suggestions to eliminate the above issue to thirty three Engineering Societies worldwide, and I did not even get the courtesy of a reply except from FEANI, the European Society.

If you look at the mess that past Engineers have created over the years. It has resulted in a fragmented profession with each Society going its own way. The only short-term answer to this mess is to form an International Engineers' Association run by dedicated Engineers with vision, and with no Corporate involvement. This Body, starting from scratch, would have the ability to synchronize standards and titles, globally, and create a real and proud profession.

Academia want more Engineers to keep the colleges and Universities filled. Some American Universities have scaled back while some engineering colleges have closed.

Corporate Business complain about the shortage of Engineers. What they really want is an over-supply to hold down salaries.

Engineering Societies want more Engineers, only to increase membership.

So from three sides there is a cry for more Engineers !!

Of course, their is an exception to every rule. Many Engineers give their time and energy to further the profession, with no alternative motive. To them, I say Thanks.